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How to get there ?

Cordoba international airport is fed several times a day by different airlines. Any major Hub in the US flies to Cordoba through Buenos Aires, Santiago Chile, Panama, and Lima (Peru). AA, LATAM, COPA, DELTA, and AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS

What travel documents do I need ?

A valid passport is required to enter Argentina. A visa is not required.

What gear do I bring?


Use dark green/brown or camo clothes with a corresponding hat. Ankle-height shoes/boots are perfectly adequate. December-April highs will be 80° to 90° with cooler evenings. May-August is winter. Lows will be 30° to 45°. Highs run 50° to 70°. September-November lows will be 45° to 50° and highs 70° to 75°.

Evening wear will be very informal—whatever is most comfortable, including hunting clothes if you wish. Also, no need to pack lots of clothes...laundry service is included.


• Shooting safety glasses—yellow for dark days, dark for sun (either for safety is a fundamental requirement)

• Thin, leather shooting gloves or adhesive tape to protect hands and fingers while loading and firing

• Shell bag or vest

• Ear plugs for protection while shooting

• Shoulder pad recoil reduction device (optional)

• Still photo or video camera

• Small container of bug repellent

• Light raincoat (brown, green, camo, etc.)

• Small backpack or field bag

• Copy of passport—packed separately

• Multi-tool or pocketknife

• Reading glasses

• Toiletry items and prescription drugs

• Zip-lock bag or case to protect camera

• Reading material

• Lip balm

• Travel alarm clock and flashlight

• Garbage bags for dirty laundry

Do I need a Hunting license?

Miles & Miles Outfitters processes all hunting permits and licenses for you

Are guns available for rental ?

We have a variety of O/U’s and auto loaders in 12, 20,28 and .410 gauge available for rental. Beretta, Benelli, Browning and Rizzini.

Rifles in .375 H & H , 30-06, 308, 458, 7mm also available for Big Game.

Can non-hunting guests join the trip?

Non-Hunters are welcome in all lodges.

Can I extend my trip or add a side trip?

We are happy to have you stay longer with us or help you organize a side trip.

Let us help you customize your dream hunt. contact us