Game as wild as

The Argentine Spirit 

The Argentine landscape is wild and beautiful. It is as seductive and pristine in many ways as it was a thousand years ago. The Game & Wildlife thrive in this ancient and open land.

Wildlife in ways

You Won’t Soon Forget

The sheer volume of wildlife in Argentina is a spectacle to behold. People from all over the world return to Argentina for its beauty and something wild that drives them. For centuries people who can choose anywhere in the world to feel one with nature and explore the wild, they choose Argentina. You will understand once you experience it. 

When you come it is

Game On

The thrill of chase, and the beauty of the most ancient ritual known to man, is found in new ways in Argentina. The game and quarry options here abound. Whether you are a hunter or on a photo safari. Your heart will race as you experience wildlife in ways only our ancestors did.


I have been fortunate to experience some of the best hunting and fishing in the world. Your dove hunting trip to Cordoba, Argentina was the greatest ever. This trip exceeded my expectations in every category, travel arrangements for a group of 16, a beautiful lodge, the amazing volume of dove shooting and hosts who cheerfully saw to our every need.

Kevin Yeager, Kalamazoo, MI
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