Miles & Miles


Our authentic Argentine accommodations are just the thing to feed your wild side. We will give you all the comforts of home in a setting that will be hard to forget. From the lush countryside to the spacious rooms and dazzling views, from the dining room to the field. Your every need is met by our staff. We live to serve you and your guests an authentic Argentine experience.

All The Comforts

Of Home

Our lodges are as beautiful as they are functional. This is not roughing it by any stretch. Our estancias and lodges are the best Argentina has to offer. The rooms are plush and climate controlled. Our staff handles all laundry and daily cleaning. This is like being at grandma’s house, but even better. Yes, we make every effort to ensure you and yours are comfortable in every way. 

Sit Back &

Just Relax

There is regular comfortable, and then there is Miles & Miles comfortable. This is an environment where you can truly relax. You want a drink, a nap, a massage, a hunt, a relaxing stint in the hot tub or all of the above. We got you. Let us show you what it means to truly find your happy place.


You and your staff have made our stay at La Catalina very special. To be with you on Independence Day with snow was extra.  Janell and I will be back

Tio & Janell Kleberg, King Ranch
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